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Who Am I

Hi, my name is Arlenys Nunez, and I’m a home-based boutique beauty service provider based in Paterson, New Jersey. Since 2019, I have been dedicated to helping people achieve and maintain looks that subtly enhance their natural features.

I work with precision and care to cater to individual needs and preferences. Through my services, I aim to nurture self-acceptance and boost confidence from within.

My Mission

When I first opened Luminescent Lux Lashes’s doors in 2019, the vision was to provide natural-looking beauty services in a serene environment. In the last 3 years, I have built a loyal clientele through my commitment to quality work and relationships.

My goal has always been to help clients feel confident and relaxed. I take pride in taking the time to understand each client’s individual needs and preferences. This care and attention is what sets me apart from other businesses.

My Philosophy

Beauty is more than just the outward appearance. It is about feeling comfortable in your own skin. I aim to enhance each client’s natural features without making them feel self-conscious. Whether through subtle lash lifts or minimal waxing, I strive to empower our clients.

Above all, I promote self-acceptance. My services are designed to complement one’s look, not define it subtly. I want every client to leave feeling satisfied yet still confident in their authentic selves.